Buying or selling a home can be a very stressful process and mistakes can be costly to you. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when buying or selling a property and the best way to take care of all the aspects is by using a reputable Real Estate Closing Attorney.

At Perry Griffin, PC, we are committed to helping our clients with their real estate issues. We have all the necessary tools and services along with rock solid experience to provide the best possible real estate closings.

Working with our real estate closing attorneys, you can rest assured that you are backed by a team of experts that are highly trained and can handle the entire process. With our detail oriented and skilled professionals, you can be sure of accurate transactions every single time you are closing a real estate deal.

Unmatched Experience and Skills

Our team of expert real estate closing attorneys work closely with clients making sure they close nothing less than a successful deal. We are committed to building the trust of clients through our skills and knowledge in the field, and help them in closing real estate deals as efficiently as possible.

Trust The Experts

Ravonda L. Griffin, our Real Estate Closing Attorney has the confidence, skills and experience to take the stress out of the buying and selling process of real estate.

The Real Estate Closing Process

  • Our team will communicate with all the parties involved in the process to ensure that all the paperwork related to the real estate closing process is complete.
  • As soon as the title is deemed clear and the closing process continues as planned, a title of commitment will be issued by Perry Griffin, PC.
  • The team at Perry Griffin, PC will do all the paperwork from changing the title to preparing title insurance.
  • The final closing dates will be set to work for all parties involved. All behind the scene planning will be conducted by Perry Griffin, PC.
  • All communication between the seller, buyer and the real estate agents involved in the sale or purchase of property will be conducted by Perry Griffin, PC.  This includes communication with tax agencies, lenders, homeowner associations and anyone else involved.
  • All filing after the closing will be conducted by the Perry Griffin, PC. This includes recording the deed and transaction deal with the municipality, payoff any previous loans or property fees and taking care of the final title policies.

Are you selling or purchasing a property anytime soon? Get the best real estate closing services with us.  We believe in providing the best services to our client.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your real estate closing, please call Perry Griffin, PC at (662) 536-6868.