No one wakes up hoping that he or she will be personally injured. At Perry Griffin, PC we are well aware that accidents happen to the best of us. We know that sustaining an injury or suffering the loss of a loved one is something that no one hopes to experience. Whether you are injured on the job or in an automobile accident, our firm will work tirelessly in our efforts to pursue your claim. We have attorneys who are experienced in civil litigation who can talk to bullying insurance companies and negotiate on your behalf. Our experience tells us that many civil cases may last months, and for some, even years. Our firm prides itself in staying on top of your case to help prevent long-term, stagnant litigation. We also believe communication is essential to the spirit of legal practice and work diligently to update our clients as their cases progress.

We genuinely care about your injury or loss and are prepared to aggressively represent you in your personal injury claim.

If you are fighting to get justice for medical malpractice, recovering from injuries from a car wreck, or dealing with wrongful treatment from a healthcare provider, let the attorneys at Perry Griffin use their years of experience to your advantage and provide you with the help you need to get your life back to normal. We assure you that we genuinely care about your injury and are prepared to aggressively represent you to the full extent of the law. We know that nothing can make up for time lost resolving a personal injury claim. Therefore, Perry Griffin strives to provide honest and timely communication to aid you in resolving your legal issue.

The attorneys at Perry Griffin specialize in personal injury cases such as:

• Car Accidents
• Slip and Fall
• Medical Malpractice
• Bad Faith Insurance
• Nursing Home Abuse

To schedule a consultation to discuss your personal injury matter, please call Perry Griffin, PC at (662) 536-6868.